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We have 1 fantastic site in Helsingborg where we help the world's best brands deliver exceptional experiences, with exceptional outcomes.

We're hiring for a variety of multilingual roles. From advisor to senior professional staff, and everything in between. Sound like something you're interested in? Apply today and let's explore how a career at Concentrix could be the perfect fit for you!

Build Your Best Tomorrow

We ask staff to give us their best, and we're committed to doing the same. 

Global Community

With 300K+ staff across more than 40 countries, our business is borderless. That means you'll have the support, confidence, and platform that comes with a truly global team. ​​​​​​

Transforming CX

​​​​​​​We support 750+ of the world's best brands and dream up the CX tech and innovations of tomorrow. With 100+ clients on the Fortune Global 500 list, we are the future of CX.​​​​​​​


We have the platform and responsibility to deliver massive impacts for our clients, staff, and the world through our ESG commitments. We're committed to building a better tomorrow.​​​​​​​


As a five billion-dollar publicly traded company (CNXC), we know that when we put our people first, business thrives. You'll find the runway and resources to build the career you've always imagined.

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Whether you’re at our office in Helsingborg or working from home, at Concentrix you’ll find your people. We’re a community that welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel like you belong. We’re big on team building and are always organising fun activities and competitions where you’ll make friends for life. 
We believe in doing right and using our power to help people and the planet!  Many of our staff have made one earth promises to help combat climate change which include increased use of public transportation, less use of electricity, and planting trees contributing to Concentrix' goal to plant 1 million trees by 2025! At Concentrix Helsingborg, we're also passionate about recycling including on site resources to recycle metal cans and plastic bottles to help make a positive impact on the environment!  
No matter where you start, the path forward at Concentrix is yours to create. Decide your direction and use the wealth of tools and support on hand to achieve anything you want. With thousands of online courses, training and mentorship, development programs and more, you can dream big about where you want to take your career. 

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Inspiring workplace of the year ​​​​​​​

Concentrix has been recognized by Inspiring Workplaces on its Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces list in EMEA and North America, which recognizes the most forward-thinking and people-first organizations in the world. In addition, we were named a Top 5 in the Enterprise Business category in EMEA and special recognition for our DEI Initiatives.


Meet the Concentrix Sweden team

“I started at Concentrix not knowing what opportunities was about to come my way. I started out as an Advisor, worked on improving my skills until it paid off by a promotion as Sr. Trainer and Quality Evaluator and the opportunities along the way did not stop there. I am now honored to receive another promotion as the new Team Leader.” 
Jessie, Team Leader
"When I started at Concentrix 2 years ago, I wouldn’t in my wildest dreams think that I could get this amazing opportunity. I thought Concentrix would be a phase. A short period solution. It ended up being a place I truly loved to work at. A place I have found a group of people I truly respect. A place I from the bottom of my heart can say that I care about. How many people can say that? Isn’t it amazing? When you see me at the office, you see a guy with a big smile plastered on his face. A genuine smile. With this job opportunity I believe I can do that. I am so grateful to start my new journey with my people."
Patrick, Sr. Trainer I
"I am never bored at my job, and love knowing that I get to interact with many great people every day, who like me love what they do and inspire me to be better. Concentrix brings great people together in a safe space, where we can learn and share our knowledge with each other, so that we can be the best we can be, while also helping our customers in the best possible ways."
Dina, Quality Evaluator, Trainer

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