Our culture

Although we speak man​​​​​​​y languages and come from different backgrounds across the globe, we all share one thing in common—our culture. 
Culture statements
We are fanatical about our clients and staff.

We have high integrity with exemplary character.

We are tenacious in our pursuit of excellence.

We value knowledge, openness, and transparency.

We have contrarian views on how to run a business.

We are bold in our decisions.

We are disruptive in the marketplace.

We invest in the future.

We all contribute and are one Concentrix.

How we operate

Three principles guide the way we operate as a business.
throughout the organization allows us to quickly see and address problems and opportunities.
let's us quickly adapt to and anticipate changes in the marketplace and in our clients' businesses.
to our staff, clients, and shareholders is considered and upheld in all we do.

Living the Concentrix Culture

marry jones
"Understanding that our cornerstone is being FANATICAL for our clients and staff, it creates an environment where we are all pursuing excellence."
Monica, Vice President, People Solutions
Costa Rica
marry jones
"I believe organization culture is what binds us together and is our collective heritage which if nurtured will live on forever. I am really humbled to be a Global Culture Champion and to take on the responsibility to master it, to model it and mentor others on this journey."
Ankit, Senior Director, Service Delivery
marry jones
"I'm passionate about learning new things and helping others grow, especially in my role as a culture ambassador at Concentrix."
Amy, Director, People Solutions
slide 1 of 1 We’re constantly learning “Our ‘growth mindset’ culture lets us try amazing things; we are innovating like crazy right now.” Marry Jones, Corporate Vice President Ipsum Browse management jobs

Making the world a
better place

The way we see it, we have an incredible opportunity and platform to make the world a better place, and it's our responsibility to use our collective scale as a force for good. Our network of 300K+ staff, suppliers, clients, and partners around the world translates to global impacts.


Our commitments

helping designs

Care for the environment to leave it better than when we found it.

patent pending

Create a better place for people to work and live in the communities where we operate.

patent pending

Act with integrity and do the right thing, always.

Making a difference as ONE Concentrix

"Environmental impacts are real across our business. If we want to leave a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations, it's critical we rethink the future. When we unite as one, we will make an incredible impact."
Philip Cassidy, UK
EVP, Strategic Projects & Corporate Strategy
"We kick off our culture statements with a commitment to being fanatical about our staff. This simple yet important promise- to always put our people first- is woven throughout the fabric of our identity as a business. By investing in the development of our cuture, people and environment, we ensure staff have the support they need to care for their families, contribute to their communities, and create genuine connections with our clients and their customers."
Diane Hanson, UK
GVP, People Solutions (HR)
"Growing our clients' business and caring for their customers is a responsibility we all share, which is why our clients put a great deal of trust in our people. They know Concentrix has the right combination of skills, integrity, and passion."
Jane Fogarty, USA ​​​​​​​
EVP Legal + Corporate Secretary

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