Diversity, equity, & inclusion

We are intentional about building teams that represent the diversity of thought, experience, and perspective in the communities where we do business. Every person is welcome and every voice is heard.

Living our vision

At Concentrix, our culture defines who we are. It's what makes us different, and it's the key element to our continued success. Our vision is simple—we will be the greatest customer engagement services company in the world, rich in diversity and talent.

This means fostering a welcoming environment where we embrace and welcome diversity of thought, experience, and perspective. It's no secret that our differences are what make us stronger.

Our three pillar strategy includes:

Inclusive culture starts with our leaders

"Every day we strive to make our staff feel valued, so they can be their best most authentic selves all the time. It starts with discovery. When we make focused efforts to listen and celebrate what is both common and different among the unique mix of voices, it leads to better decisions and experiences for everyone. As an organization, we become wiser, stronger, and better."
Diane Hanson, SVP People Solutions
"Concentrix has a distinct culture our people have all worked very hard to build, so it was critically important we chose the right Board Members to guide our leaders. Similar to the qualities we look for in our own people, our goal with the Board was to form a team of exceptional advisors with diverse backgrounds, unique qualities, passions and a variety of experiences as well as diversity to represent our staff. We wanted a Board who had the dedication to take Concentrix to the next level with the sincere believe that our culture and amazing staff will get us there."
Chris Caldwell, President and CEO

Focusing on our key initiatives

We embrace working with diverse teams with different work styles, problem-solving techniques, ideas and local cultural norms. Measuring our success empowers us to identify gaps and continue to build a difference-celebrating, people empowering, pride-filled kind of place.
Be seen, be heard, be you
Allows staff to voluntarily self-declare their identity. Having a complete picture or our staff population allows us to build and execute a data-driven strategy to secure and support the most diverse and innovative workplace of the future.
Global culture of belonging survey
We concluded the first phase of our inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Survey which acts as a guide in building an inclusive workplace. In 2023, we received a 4.26 Culture of Belonging Index across 22 ratings indicating staff feel welcome, respected, and valued. 
Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy
Our DEI Policy broadly defines the code of conduct that we embrace to promote and foster an inclusive environment and serves as a guiding principle for workplace behavior.

Our beliefs in action

Check out some of the ways we live up to our commitments.
Celebrating our diversity
Celebrations in honor of Global Diversity Awareness Month, International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Black History Month, Women's Month, Pride, and more support a continuous focus on creating and amplifying awareness.
​​​Facilitating key conversations
Ongoing fireside chats, panel discussions and webinars enable experiential learning from our Leadership teams and experts in the DEI field. Outcomes include a better understanding of best practices and how to support DEI.
​​​​​​​DEI learning paths
Ongoing learning specific to people managers and hiring teams builds understanding around identity bias, microaggressions and the unique attributes that shape an environment of inclusion and belonging at Concentrix. 

Watch: celebrating our diversity

Hear more about our beliefs in action from some of our global staff members.

Staff resource groups

Check out our staff resource groups and what they are all about.
Black Professionals Network (BPN)
Fosters networking, professional development, mentoring and leadership opportunities with a focus on recruitment, retention, learning, and advancement of Black people at Concentrix.
Network of Women (NOW)
Cultivates an inclusive environment that supports and encourages women to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, development, collaboration and discussion. 

Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
Advances awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities at Concentrix by creating equity in the opportunities to be recruited and hired, improve and advance, and fully participate in every aspect of our business.
Pride at Concentrix
Celebrates the communnity of LGBTQ+ staff and provides resources needed for growth and development through education, communication, and mentorship. 

Some of the people you'll meet in our
resource groups

"Our mission is to promote a culture of knowledge, openness and transparency while supporting the development of Black professionals through our BPN.  We aim to build strong ally relationships with our peers and contribute to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment."
Ron, USA Black Professionals Network
"Staff Resource Groups add a layer to DEI connecting staff with similar interests and experiences and providing a safe and supportive space to discuss sensitive and important issues that impact our staff's quality of life. NOW brings women and allies together to support, mentor and develop women within the organization to prepare for their next role and also enable safe space."
Cindy, Canada Network of Women
"Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is important to me because I strongly believe that when diverse individuals with various abilities, upbringings, and worldviews collaborate, there is no limit to what can be produced. It is important that as a global organization we encourage those differences to be celebrated and explored as leaders. It is what gives businesses a human face and genuine sense of being global."
Seema, India Persons With Disabilities 
"DEI has been important to me as it has allowed a platform for our usually unheard voices to tell their stories, share their experiences, and help us all learn about fostering a fully inclusive working environment that highlights our differences and similarities, celebrates them, and offers a better reflection of humanity than society outside of work would indicate."
Sean, Northern Ireland
Staff story: building community

Check out how Jo found their community and built a strong inner circle through staff resource groups.

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